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I have been in the nutrition and health industry for over 10 years and studied many modalities including western, eastern and modern techniques and the chakras have become a way for me to mesh modern science with ancient wisdom, something I believe the health industry has been missing.

But this isn't just my thinking, the chakras have been referenced in almost all religions, by the most famous healers in the world including Edgar Casey the father of Holistic Medicine and is even symbolized in our modern day medical system.

The chakras tell me a lot about what is going on with your body and in your life and they can be the key to you unlocking the secret power of your body and health.

Chakras are energy centers originating from a nerve bundle in the spine.

Each chakra is linked to an organ system, an endocrine system (hormones) and also an emotional body. I have found this system a beautiful way to mesh mind, body, soul and spirit.

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I call it ancient wisdom for the modern day world.

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