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How to Harness the power of the December 21st Winter Solstice

“The winter solstice is a time when we turn inward, where we fall quiet, and we have a moment to contemplate.  It is the slack in the tide of our lives; it is the pause after an inhale, it is the space between.  This time offers a place where we have more space to become aware of our dreams and what we have frantically been creating.  It is a time of profound stillness, deep clearing and a time of rebirth.  
The old must die to make way for the new.   What must you let die?
– Chelsea Newman  CTNC

The solstice offers a special time for us.  

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Our ancestors used to burn big fires during this special night to celebrate their connection with the sun and the moon.  The flames were used to burn away all that we had outgrown.  This ritual was to symbolize the destruction of the old, which in turn created a much more fertile land for growth.

This time symbolically supports the same for our lives.  The seasons are ripe for a shift.  

During a Solstice the sun and moon reach their perfect balance, allowing us to see and feel where perfect harmony exists if we let it.



Some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are welcoming winter, others in the South are welcoming summer.  

The Yin and the Yang are in full illumination & our planet is in perfect balance and harmony on this particular day.  

The solstice always requires we treat ourselves with extra sweetness and nurturing; however, this one may need even more than usual. You may be feeling the extra shadows of fear and abandonment during this time; you may even be feeling an intense pull to burrow into the dark places your psyche usually doesn’t dare to travel to.

To navigate this time it is important to nourish yourself both physically and emotionally.  Take time to meditate, and have a little ritual of your own, to find your center.  

It is also important to eat correctly.  


During the solstice, you should eat slowly, lightly and sweetly.  Small amounts of berries eaten, little bits of honey in tea and gentle fruits are eaten slowly will work well with the body.  Flowery teas, particularly rose teas will help the heart tension, meals should be kept to a minimum so that you can allow the inner self to get quiet without the messages that food carries.  

Less will be more at this time.  Avoiding meats and dairy will also help you tune into your intuitive self and hear the messages the universe has for you.

The solstice can be a very transitional and hard time, if not treated with celebration, but when treated with the respect it deserves, the solstice can catapult you and amplify very powerful intentions and manifestations.

Magic Honey infused by the FULL MOON or direct sunlight during the winter solstice.



In a medium Jar of local or Manuka Honey add.

  • 1/4 tsp Basil – Basil is good for protection, cleaning, purification, prosperity, and love.  
  • 1/4 tsp Thyme – Thyme amplifies psychic powers spiritual growth, and brings healing and inner calm.  
  • 1/4 tsp Lavender – Lavender is perfect for purification, and profound healing of love and emotional issues.
  • 1/4 tsp Oregano – Oregano is for prosperity, healing, and love.


Let the honey sit in the full moon overnight and the sun during the day.

In the evening drizzle this mixture over blackberries.  

Blackberries are used to invoke the goddess and for protection healing and prosperity.  


With love



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Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.