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“How To Be A Vegan On Thanksgiving,” by A Recovering Vegan …

How To Be A Vegan On Thanksgiving

Step 1) Don’t kill anything (except plants)

Step 2) Get made fun of by everyone for not killing anything …

Step 3) Drink copious amounts of vegan wine while being asked how you haven’t died from protein deficiency.

Step 4) Try and keep your vegan mouth shut while you silently wonder how everyone else hasn’t died from a lack of compassion …

Step 5) Watch as everyone stuffs their faces with the delicious vegan dishes you brought to the party.

Step 6) Get sick of it all and just for giggles, decide to start every sentence with “As a vegan …”

Step 7) Say “Fuck it” and start agreeing!  “OMG, I know right? WTF is a vegan hot dog?!!! I mean who on earth would eat a sausage made of plants, instead of eyeballs, lips, and assholes?!”

Look, in all seriousness, I am no longer a vegan.  Instead, I call myself “A polite vegetarian with vegan tendencies,”  meaning (usually) if someone cooks me meat and it is farm-raised and had a humane life, I eat it.

I don’t think being vegan is the right answer for everyone.  Some people do better with it than others but if it is your choice, or someone’s choice, to not eat animals, then respect that, smile at them and thank them for doing their part.

Because it is a big step to help the environment – not the only step, and not by all means a be-all and end-all step, but it does help.

Happy Holidays 😉

Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”