Hawaii's #1 Nutritional Coach

Hi, I'm Chelsea, a holistic healer & transformation coach.

I have helped hundreds of men and women learn to live a more mindful, healthy, and happy life through food.

My Main Message: Everyone deserves to enjoy amazing health, abundant energy, feel sexy & have an awesome libido ... all the time. It all stems from the food you eat.

I don't prescribe a one-size-fits-all diet program ... I combine the best of eastern & western techniques, ancient & modern science as well as the little know secrets I've gathered over my career into a personalized program for you. My coaching plans create true, sustainable and lasting transformations. But don't take my word for it, see what my clients have to say.

The 21 day Food-based cleanse that changed my life

If you're struggling with sustainable weight-loss, cellulite, bags under your eyes, stubborn belly fat, headaches, hormones imbalances, PMS, skin issues or food addictions, this New Year's Cleanse is the perfect course for you. Take back control over your life and your health in 2018.

No more paranoid researching!

Access to my growing list of  ‘Chelsea-approved’ products and supplements. No more endless hours researching, I’ve done the hard work for you.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I own the top-rated holistic nutrition company in Hawaii.

But what I really want to say is that I show people how to live fuller, happier, healthier lives.

You see, holistic health is my passion. I am a complete science nerd but I'm also a bit of a 'hippy healer' so I have a unique perspective on wellness.

I've taught nutrition to some of the largest companies in the United States and I frequently write for leading nutrition publications like Mind Body Green.

During my career, I have studied Holistic Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Beauty Therapy, Psychology, Reiki, Fitness & Sexual Health. The systems I've developed work and they'll work for you too.

"Changing my eating habits was like the magic pill that abolished all my health concerns. Chelsea helped me develop a self-love routine that was no longer asking my body to be something greater than what it was, but instead, loving and showing gratitude for what is now.

I lost a total of 40 pounds without an unsustainable diet regimen and killing myself at the gym. I simply stepped into my happiest form by listening to my body and forming a deep connection with who I am. Thank you, Chelsea! A total transformation indeed!"

"I am so thrilled that I found Chelsea! She has literally changed my life!

It was the most fascinating and eye-opening process! I learned so much about myself and almost as a fun side effect, I lost 15 pounds! I have never felt better, my energy is high, I haven't taken an aspirin since we started, my skin is clear, and I am not deprived, but flooded with nutritious food that I love!

Really, I am so thankful for her... After trying every diet out there, I finally connected with Chelsea and it all just clicked!"

Mind-Body-Soul 6 Day Detox.

Feeling sluggish? Overweight? Sick of cutting calories and doing endless cardio?

It might be the toxin overload we're bombarded with 24/7. My advice? Do something that will actually makes a difference to how you feel. It's only 6 days!