Smell Great Again

Organic Poetic Pits Deodorant (Maverick) by Living Libations

Poetic Pits

The name says it all!  There are multiple scents but Paulo Santo is one of my favorites!
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Deodorant Maximum Protection, Variety Pack (Forest, Dusk, Wild) by Herban Cowboy

Herban Cowboy

I love the smell of this deodorant and have had multiple compliments on it!
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Nature's Way


Natures deodorant, take this for a month and you will be smelling fresh from the inside out. Also, a great way to cleanse and remove dark circles.
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All Natural Forest Cologne (Radiant Earth of Deep Delight) by Living Libations


Endorsed by Alanis Morsette (and me) what more do you need to know?
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