Jarrow Formula Vit C

Really amazing, and really inexpensive.  Vit C in high doses is one of my favorite life hacks.  You cant consume too much Vit C (all that will happen is that you get bubble guts), but high levels of Vit C are a powerful antioxidant and phenomenal for skin and immune health.  If you have any form of compromised immune system Vit C is a must and I actually recommend it for almost everyone.
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Muse Meditation Head Band

This has been instrumental in learning meditation for both myself and my clients.  It allows you to really see what your brain is doing and coach you through how to truly change your brain.  Think of it like bio-hacking years of sitting on a mountain to obtain "zen".  Wear this tool while you meditate and let it tell you what is actually going on in your brain.
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goLITE BLU Energy Light

goLITE BLU Energy Light, Rechargeable by Philips

This light is Clinically proven to increase energy levels and mood.  You can use it while reading or working or every morning to stimulate natural sunlight and increase energy levels.  This light can even work to increase mood during seasonal depressions.
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Mitochondrial Support

This supplement supports your mitochondria which are like the little battery packs of the cells.
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Drink More Water

It sounds so silly and basic but I promise you dehydration is at the route of almost all illness.  There is no better way I know of to make sure you are drinking enough water than to have a container that stays with you at all times and these flasks are awesome! I actually joke that your tea stays too hot to drink for hours when you have one of these.
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Get Your Own Testing Done

Get Testing Done

Sometimes getting testing done is a brilliant option and with modern technology, you are able to do that and take control of your own health.  These services make it relatively inexpensive and can really help you which enzymes and vitamins and minerals to take so that you aren't wasting money.
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Glutathione is essential for detoxification. It doesn't taste great but it will make you look amazing and dramatically increase your energy.
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