Her Acne

I have worked in the skincare industry for a very long time and I must tell you that skin comes from the inside out.  Acne is a symptom, not a problem.  You need to detox.  Get some testing done, book a session with me and definitely cut out dairy!

Jarrow Formula Vit C

Really amazing, and really inexpensive.  Vit C in high doses is one of my favorite life hacks.  You cant consume too much Vit C (all that will happen is that you get bubble guts), but high levels of Vit C are a powerful antioxidant and phenomenal for skin and immune health.  If you have any form of compromised immune system Vit C is a must and I actually recommend it for almost everyone.
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Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a bit of a miracle and very inexpensive.  It is an incredibly strong anti-oxidant!
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Acnutrol capsules

Acnutrol capsules, 180 ct

An amazing supplement designed for skin health.
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Oil of Oregano has highly effective antimicrobial properties as well as powerful antioxidant and intestinal cleansing benefits. The formula contains a 10:1 extract, which is the equivalent of 1,500 mg of oregano.

Oil of Oregano

Oregano is a phenomenal supplement for anti-viral, and anti-bloating.  It will work to kill the yeast in your small intestine and help you detox.  I love a course of this if I feel like I have been having too much sugar in my life.
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Drink More Water

It sounds so silly and basic but I promise you dehydration is at the route of almost all illness.  There is no better way I know of to make sure you are drinking enough water than to have a container that stays with you at all times and these flasks are awesome! I actually joke that your tea stays too hot to drink for hours when you have one of these.
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Get Your Own Testing Done

Get Testing Done

Sometimes getting testing done is a brilliant option and with modern technology, you are able to do that and take control of your own health.  These services make it relatively inexpensive and can really help you which enzymes and vitamins and minerals to take so that you aren't wasting money.
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Digest Enzyme

Poor digestion can be a major culprit of breakouts and skin issues, it can also just be a real pain. This supplement will help.  Poor digestion can also mean that you aren't absorbing your vitamins and minerals as much as you should be.
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Glutathione is essential for detoxification. It doesn't taste great but it will make you look amazing and dramatically increase your energy.
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JewelDab - A Pure Essential Oil Blend Created To Restore, Revitalize & Re-Establish Radiance

Organic Jewel Dab

Just an all-around amazing spot treatment from a phenomenal company!
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