Build Muscle

Build Muscle and get toned

BCAA Powder

BCAA Powder with L-Glutamine

BCAA Powder combines the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)- leucine, isoleucine, and valine- along with the amino acid, L-glutamine for a synergistic effect in building muscle tissue and supporting the immune system. BCAAs are unique in that they are a direct source of energy for skeletal muscles while also serving as intermediates in the ATP-producing citric acid cycle. They stimulate the building of protein in muscle, help reduce muscle breakdown during exercise and regulate protein metabolism throughout the body. BCAA Powder has a great-tasting, natural orange flavor. This product is free of sucrose, fructose, and artificial sweeteners, and is sweetened with the natural herb stevia. Made with non-GMO ingredients.
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Rebounder Trampoline

A really fun way to get rid of cellulite and also pump up the brain!  I love to bring these into offices and have people jump on them while they are brainstorming!
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Collagen Protein by Bullet Proof

Collagen is a protein that you can safely take on top of other types of protein.  It will help with hair, skin, nails, and cellulite and is also safe to be heated.
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Portable Dance Pole + 2oz Dry Hands + Instructional DVD by X-POLE

Portable Dance Pole

Don't be shocked!  Honestly, it is my favorite work out EVER!! X pole is the only brand I trust for safety and quality
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Yoga Bag

A fair trade bag that actually helps the women who have made it, instead of being made in a sweatshop.  Always look for fair trade when possible!  If you want to learn more watch the documentary - The Cost of It
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Resistance Band Set

One of the best ways to lengthen and tone at home without spending tons of money on shipping heavyweights.
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Therapuresauna ESF101HCB 1-2 Person Canadian Hemlock Carbon Heater

Home Sauna

Sweat it out!! These have been around since Greek times for a reason. They really do work.
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