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7 Ways You Can Change the World With Food

I have a secret to tell you

… I am trying to save the world, and you can too!

What is my secret? 


Now I am not exaggerating when I say that food is at the root of ALL of our problems; environmental, socioeconomic, and of course, our health issues.

  1. Food is a way to stop diseases… BUT let me be clear, I am not talking about a “Race for the Cure,” in fact, I am not even interested in starting the race.  I am interested in prevention.
  2. Changing the way we grow our food has the power to stop Global Warming and create a sustainable future for our children.
  3. Food has the power to heal our broken social connections with one another, heal families and create peace.  Where do you think the saying “Break Bread” came from.
  4. Food is a gateway to love, compassion and caring.
  5. And most importantly, food is our teacher and the key to our health.  

So here are the 6 steps you can take to change the world with every bite you take …

1.  Don’t be drugged by “Franken Foods.”  

Food creates a biological change in the body – which is the exact same thing a drug does.  

So let me say something a bit ‘out there’ … While we are all so worried about dying from gun violence and terrorist attacks, we have ignored the biggest killer in the United States – Food based diseases.

Top Killers:

#1  Heart Disease

#2  Cancer

Look , you have the choice to take control of your health and your biology, don’t let a giant food corporation (with vested interests) take that choice away from you and your family.  The most powerful way to change those really in charge is to vote with your dollar, or better yet, vote with no dollars. Start learning how to grow your own food, even if it is just a herb or two. 

2.  Say F*CK the system! Reclaim the clock.

How dare someone tells us that we only have time for a 15-minute lunch break.  We work too hard in this world to not enjoy a moment to nourish ourselves.

If your lunch costs $20 and you make $20 an hour, it took you an hour of your life to get that sandwich … you deserve enough time to enjoy it.  So take it, and if your company has an issue with this – put them in touch with me.  I have worked with some of the largest companies in the United States on corporate wellness and we have seen productivity skyrocket when we implemented:

  1. Meditation
  2. Paid exercise
  3. Longer Lunches
  4. & even naps!

3.  Make cooking a celebration and drink more alcohol if need be!  


I’m not saying get drunk, I’m saying be more ‘European’ and more experiential in your life.  

Turn the music on, break out the wine … you are not just cooking food, you are cooking love and nourishment! Treat it and honor it as such. When you are cooking for your family, do it with love. When you are cooking for a lover, do it with love.  Even when you are cooking for just yourself, do it with love (maybe even extra love).

4)  Have an eating orgasm!

Mind-full eating … that’s crap.  

Don’t let your mind be full while you are eating.  Instead, let your mind be empty and your body sense everything.  Treat eating like sex – you want it to be gourmet and delicious and command your full attention.

Have a mouth orgasm! What should you do if what you are eating isn’t giving you a mouth orgasm? … dump it and find something that will!

Just be careful of the players out there – the things like Doritos, or Cheetos, that may feel like they can give you a mouth orgasm, but they are just the “one-pump-chumps” that won’t leave you feeling full or satisfied, just hungry for more.

5)  Buy locally

Shipping food (a limited resource) using oil (a limited resource) around the world … MAKES NO SENSE.  

Not to mention it destroys nutrients.  This is a ridiculous cycle that we need to get out of.  Buy local first and organic whenever possible.

If you want to learn how to cut your food budget (and waistline in half) check this out.

6)  Say “Grace”

I am not a religious person and I am not highly scientific but “Grace” is where these two elements meet.

What you think about something affects everything, and gratitude is a powerful emotion that will transform the way that food reacts in your body. Seriously, this is backed by science.

Slow down and thank that hamburger for its life and, thank the person who picked your lettuce or planted your strawberries.  Think of your food from seed to consumption and all it has gone through.   

7) Use Food to create balance in your life and the universe

Food is the language of love, not just from you but from the universe. We know that air and water give us life, but we have really done a fine job of royally fucking up our relationship with something else we need to survive – food.

Food is a PERFECT demonstration of Yin and Yang and Balance …

To take something (food), that we as humans have nurtured to fruition, and use it to fuel our bodies, minds, and lives.  To then eventually return our bodies to the earth, to in turn nourish the soil and continue the cycle for the next generation.

             that is balanced,

                   that is fullness,

                           … that is reincarnation.

And that, my friends, is how I am changing the world, one relationship with food at a time.  

I would love me if you join me on my journey and help me create a planet where we want to live.


All my love and support



Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”
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4 Ways to Naturally Reduce Hunger

I was recently asked, “How do I naturally suppress my appetite?”  This is a very common concept and common question, but it is all wrong.  

Eat less = weigh less …  sort of works but it can break your hormones and metabolism.


However, there is a lot more that goes into weight loss, appetite, and overeating than merely cutting back on portion sizes.  So, I have devised a little four-step action guide to help you naturally (and without torture) cut portion size.


Step # one – Eat food, and I mean FOOD.


The number one reason that people overeat is that their bodies are physically hungry.  Your body requires nutrients and by that, I mean a LOT of them. It needs vitamins and minerals to turn fats, carbs, and proteins into energy, and it needs the energy to survive and feel satiated. 


When you are not getting enough nutrients the body will do the only thing it can how to get them … make you hungry.  


Hunger is not a bad thing, hunger is a friend designed to help you figure out what your body needs.  When you try to fill yourself on pasta, bread and nutritionally void vegetables (such as canned, or vegetables grown with poor quality soil), overcooked meats and leftovers you are eating foods that have very little nutritional quality.  These “foods” will not nourish you and your body will continue to crave sustenance.  


Food means:

  1. High-quality vegetables, grown locally that haven’t traveled for a long time (losing their nutrients along the way).  
  2. Healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, avocados, and nuts.  
  3. Grass-fed, free-roaming meat.  Meat that hasn’t been raised on antibiotics (which destroys the healthy bacteria responsible for creating vitamins), and fed things such as candy (6 lbs per day is the legal upper limit of candy allowed to be fed to a cow in the United States)… yes, you read that correctly. Candy is fed to cows!

                                          You are what you eat, eats …


Food means something that rots and goes bad naturally, and something that was recently ‘alive’.  For example, a tomato that was recently picked, or a fish that was recently caught… not a pizza that’s been frozen for weeks.

If it has never taken a breath or synthesized light, then it is not food.  


You might be thinking … “well a potato was once alive therefor a potato chip must be good for me,” wrong!   A potato was once alive … a potato chip was NEVER alive!


If you are overeating out of pure physical hunger it is time to evaluate the nutrient quality of your food.  I even recommend going so far as to get a vitamin and mineral workup done by your Dr. to see if you are lacking any specific nutrients.


Heres how to get a home test.


Step # two   –   Evaluate your lifestyle.  



Stress, exercise, a lack of sleep, dehydration and too much sugar all pull vitamins and minerals from the body, bones, teeth, and bloodstream.  If you read the above section and thought, “I think I eat great but I am still hungry”, then perhaps this lifestyle factor pertains to you.


Remember if you need more nutrients your body will try to get them by making you feel hungry. A high-quality multivitamin is a great insurance policy against excessive hunger when you have a stressful lifestyle.


These are a great option here.


Step # three  –   What is your blood sugar doing?


Blood sugar highs and lows are a massive factor when it comes to an uncontrollable appetite.  If you are eating sugar (even sneaky sugar) throughout the day, you have found your culprit!


6-8g of added sugar a day is what is recommended, most salad dressings exceed this.  Start taking a look at the labels.  Trust me you will be shocked!

4g of sugar equals 1 tsp.  


Fruit can be a culprit too.  Some of the worst diet advice I hear people give is “get your five servings of fruits and veggies a day.”  This advice is misleading.  Fruits and Vegetables are not the same thing and should not be grouped as one!  You should be eating far more vegetables than fruits and eating low glycemic fruits. 


If you feel that your hunger is totally out of control, cut out all sugar  (including fruit) for three days.  This protocol will reset your leptin levels (hunger hormone), and get you back into a more balanced, controlled state.  


Following this protocol, each meal should consist of 60% veggies, 20% fats, and 20% protein.  Clean carbs such as quinoa, sweet potato, and rice are welcome too as long as they are eaten in balance, not excess.  This recommendation, of course, can and should vary for different bodies at different ages and stages, but it is a great guideline.  Try to keep everything balanced.  For example add nuts and coconut oil to your oatmeal to make it more complete, spread almond butter and cinnamon on your apple to slow down the sugar spike. When you sit down to a meal, eat your protein first and then move on to your carbs.   


Step # four   –   really look at why you want to suppress your appetite.  


Are you trying to suppress your appetite because you are eating too much, or because you want to cut back on your food intake to lose weight?  If you are trying to stay in a ridiculous calorie deficit, expect to be hungry! 


According to my nutrition intake, I am supposed to eat 1400 calories a day – I can tell you one thing, this is incredibly hard (close to impossible) and at this level of caloric intake, I become far too thin and weak.  


*The world health organization offers aid to countries and areas getting below 2100 calories per day.  Anything below 2100 is considered starving *  


So ask yourself, are you really eating too much or are you trying to live within a ridiculous caloric intake range?  If you really are eating too much and want to cut back are you overeating because of an emotional, or physical hunger?  Do you actually know what hunger feels like?  The majority of us don’t anymore.


If you are trying to suppress your appetite to lose weight it is important that you evaluate what you are truly eating and how to lose the weight the right way.  Remember, calories don’t matter because your body is REALLY bad at math!  Quality matters.  Cutting back on food is not the answer to weight loss, there are a lot of different techniques that will last a lifetime and create health and weight loss in a sustainable and enjoyable way.  


So let’s get a few things clear.  


  1. You do not need to suppress your appetite to lose weight.
  2. If you are overly hungry, eating more food might be the answer. Because eating more food, when done right, does not equal weight gain.
  3. Being hungry is not a bad thing. Hunger is a natural and essential state. Hunger is not a foe, it is a friend. It is a very essential and smart instinct designed to keep you alive. If you feel your appetite is out of control, evaluate why and address the root cause, not the symptom that is hunger.
  4. If you do all of these things and are still excessively hungry, evaluate your boredom level.  Boredom is a huge cause of overeating.
  5. And finally, learn what hunger actually feels like.  We often confuse other needs such as thirst, pain, frustration, and depression for hunger. 


It is essential to get in touch with your body, your true hunger, and your appetite, for not just food, but also for life.  Appetite suppression is not the answer; feeding the hunger, wherever that may stem from, is. 



Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”
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7 Holistic & Ancient ways to Heal A Hangover

The Holidays are upon us!  Which means, so are parties, cakes, overeating, and of course…

I know that “sticking with it” around the holidays can be hard, so here are some REAL tricks to get you though.  So guess what?  None of these involve me saying “use willpower”, or  “just walk away ” … we are being realistic here!  This is how to deal with the aftermath of the “oops I didn’t see that last cocktail coming, and now I have bruises from breakdancing”! (Been there!)


Ready to be friends with your body again?  After all, you did just poison it; the least you could do is give it a little TLC in the morning right?


So here are my top 7 Tips holistic and healthy ways to, detox and heal that hang over.


1) Step one.  Eat a Kale salad.  

Real step one: Get rest.  



So personally, I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to hangovers.  I like to punish myself with a hot yoga class or climb up a mountain in the blazing sun.  But, in my older, wiser (and frankly I just feel a hangover more) years, I have come to find out – this does not work. 

Sweating it out is great (later in the day),  but for now, try and sleep in. 

I know it might be impossible if your head is pounding, and you’re dealing with a blood sugar crash that keeps you tossing and turning – we will get to that in a minute, but do everything you can to rest.

  1. Make your room dark. 
  2. Turn your phone off (especially avoid the embarrassing posts on social media, you can deal with that later 😉
  3. Get some aromatherapy & sleep hacking going. 


*Trouble sleeping on a hangover?  This is due to blood sugar imbalance.  To counteract this, you can take magnesium, and eat a meal high in protein.  Eggs and avocado are a good option or a bean and rice burrito with veggies. 

Munch away and try to go back to sleep for a few hours.

2) If you have to have coffee, put butter or ghee in it.



Sounds crazy I know, but it is delicious, and it will help your hangover.  

Have you ever wondered why you crave greasy food when you have a hangover?  Well, fats wrap up toxins and protect them from wreaking havoc in our bodies and healthy fats also fuel your brain.  


So, healthy fats + coffee (which is high in antioxidants) can help a pounding head feel much better!  Be warned drink water first!


This concoction has fairly recently been coined “Bullet Proof” but it’s actually an ancient Himalayan recipe that has been adopted by the western world (Ancient wisdom for a modern hangover… who knew?).  

Put about a tablespoon of ghee (if you are lactose intolerant) or grass-fed butter + 1 tsp of MCT oil (coconut oil with one carbon molecule removed if you really, really wanted to know) in your coffee and blend.  Blending it makes it like a delicious latte.  If you don’t like coffee, you can also do this with a turmeric drink or matcha green tea.


3) Take some quality pre-biotics & probiotics.



Sugar from alcohol feeds the unhealthy bacteria in your gut and destroys the good guys.  Load up on probiotics the morning after; it will be way better than Tums.  Make sure you splurge a little on probiotics because the cheaper ones are a waste of time, they won’t make it to your gut before they’re destroyed.

Eat fermented foods. Fermented foods contain high levels of pre and probiotics.  Things like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, and Nato are fantastic for this.  These also tend to come with amazing foods for a hangover.

  • Kimchi healthy Fried Rice
  • Sauerkraut and Sausages
  • Ramen Noodles and Nato

Yum, yum and yummm!


4) Eat a meat and fish high in HEALTHY fats.  


Toxins (like alcohol) are wrapped up in fat to stop them from wreaking havoc in the body.  Pick a nice fatty “breakfast” (this also includes your post drinking meal)  like a salmon omelet with avocado, or a stir fry of greens cooked in coconut oil drizzled with a healthy amount of lemon and olive oil.

These kinds of food will not only help you detox they will be anti-inflammatory, acting kind of like nature’s Ibuprofen.


5) Take your vitamins….but not on an empty stomach.  


Your stomach is a little raw after drinking all night so put a nice buffer in-between it and your vitamins.  Vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s are a must after a heavy night of drinking.  They will help you detox and bring down the inflammation alcohol causes. Turmeric and other spices will also help.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many curry shops in the UK?  Yep, it probably has something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol being consumed by the “poms.”  


6) Take activated charcoal before and after drinking.  



Activated Charcoal is what is given in hospital when patients have been exposed to toxins, which is precisely what you have been doing while you were hanging out with Mr. Johnny Walker all night.  

Activated Charcoal is a very cheap supplement and can be purchased at any health food store.  You can also take this daily for up to a month if you are trying to detox, but you must drink it with a lot of water.  


7) Drink sparkling water.


Drink some sparkling water, like the classy lady you are (but probably weren’t last night!) 

Perrier and San Pellegrino are the best.  Sparkling water will help settle the bubble guts, and the sulfur will help you detox.  Try to avoid distilled water; this water has very little nutrients and trace minerals which you desperately need when you have a hangover.  If you don’t like sparkling water go of fresh spring water.  

So there you have it.  Seven ways to holistically detox a hangover.  


These work, trust me I have tried them ;).  


So enjoy yourself, enjoy the holidays!  And if you would like to learn more about toxin-free living just head message me here.





Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”