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3 Ways To Quit Sugar Forever – Hint, it involves boobs …

 Let’s talk about something frightening … 



Did you know the average American consumes 150 lbs of added sugar a year?

Think about a person you know who weighs 150 lbs and now imagine eating them … gross!  Now I know it can be daunting to quit the sugar crack so here’s something to help you…



Sugar goes so much deeper than just the degradation of your health. The sugar industry is responsible for environmental pollution, destroying fragile eco-systems and killing endangered species and if that’s not enough, it is also responsible for:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Acne
  3. Saddlebags and fat stomaches …

So, I want to help you quit this nasty drug … and best of all, do it in three easy steps, without really trying.

First of all, let us admit we have a problem …

  • Sugar has been found to be 7x more addicting than cocaine!
  • Sugar eats away at collagen and makes you age prematurely.
  • Sugar feeds unhealthy bacteria in the gut and body.
  • Some of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet have been cleared for sugarcane production. A dozen countries around the world devote 25 percent or more of all their agricultural land to the production of sugarcane.
  •  Not to mention the scariest fact of all … it turns your children into tiny little monsters!!!

Sugar is DEFINITELY not the best thing to be consuming, especially at the levels that we do these days, and honestly, it is the most straightforward change that will make a massive impact on your body, your health, and your mental state.  

So how do you get in control of your addiction?


Step One:  Know why you crave sugar.

You crave sugar because of boobs …  


I know that sounds weird but listen up.  

Breast milk is sweet so that babies will keep drinking it, and that sweetness is then associated with the feeling of comfort and love. So your sugar cravings are just your bodies way of asking for relaxation, a cuddle, a warm hug or a nap…or second base … which, when done right, usually includes a cuddle, a warm hug, relaxation and a nap 😉

Sugar also temporarily cures the blues by producing happy hormones in the gut.  You don’t want a Snickers bar – you want a shot of happiness.  


The best way to combat this is with healthy foods and 5HTP.  5HTP is a natural supplement found in foods such as turkey, and bananas.  If your sugar cravings are extreme, you can supplement with this and quickly get past them.  Magnesium is also a fantastic supplement when trying to get over cravings. Chocolate cravings are linked to magnesium deficiency because chocolate is very high in magnesium.

Looking for a guilt-free chocolate guide? These are my recommendations

Step Two: Be Able to recognize Sugar.

The sugar industry has some great names for sugar, and they usually sound really warm and fuzzy … but they are not.  So, let’s start with a few of the basics:

  • Syrup is another word for sugar … “Brown Rice Syrup, Corn Syrup, etc …”
  • Fancy ingredients ending in “ol” – tend to be sugars.
  • Fancy ingredients ending in “ode” also tend to be sugars.
  • 4 g of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar…you should aim to consume only 4-6 g of added sugar a day (think that’s impossible?)


Go and do a pantry raid! Take a look at the ingredients of everything in your cupboard and throw away anything that is filled with sugar. Multiply the grams of sugar by the servings per container to figure out how many teaspoons of sugar are in your condiments.  You will be horrified trust me!  And if you have kids take it a step further and measure it out.  They love it, and it has enough shock and horror value to make you want to quit.  

And watch out for food branded as ‘healthy’ or ‘diet’ foods too.  They are notorious for trying to trick you. “Low Fat” usually means “High in sugar.”

Check out a Cliff bar food label:  


The first ingredient is “brown rice syrup,” that’s just another name for sugar.  The 6th ingredient is cane syrup, and the 11th ingredient is molasses.  And even though this cliff bar looks like it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, sugar blocks vitamin receptors in the stomach and destroys vitamins and minerals … In fact, if you look at the sugar content you see that it has 22g of sugar.  4 g of sugar = 1 teaspoon.  

That means that a cliff bar has 5.5 teaspoons of sugar… 

Food labels list their ingredients in order, starting what the thing they contain the most of. If some form of sugar is within the first five ingredients, dump it. Dump it if it is the first ingredient!

If you’d like a better option, I recommend these ones.

Step Three: Treat yourself

We all love and deserve a little sweet. So here are my favorite substitutes:

  • Maple Syrup – The real stuff … it’s yummy and really good for you.
  • Raw Honey – Raw Honey contains enzymes and is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (it also makes a fabulous face mask for acne).  Honey kills some unhealthy bacteria in the gut and doesn’t feed yeast the same way that table sugar would.  

* Tip * – don’t add honey directly to boiling water as it kills its medicinal properties. Instead, wait for your tea to cool a little first.

  • Coconut Sugar – Coconut sugar is rumoured to vale a low glycemic value (i.e. It doesn’t spike blood sugar levels as much), which kind of isn’t true …  But honestly, if you NEED to add sugar to somethin…this is a slightly better option.
  • Stevia – Stevia is a much better sweetener.  It looks like cilantro and grows just like a herb, and it won’t spike your blood sugar.  Just make sure that you get it 100% pure with nothing added.  Food marketing companies jump on these things as they know they can make a lot of money, and unfortunately, they usually have their bottom line in mind, not your health.
  • Dates and Dried Fruit – supper yummy and perfect for making cookies and bars.  Dried fruits are also very sticky, so they bind dry ingredients well, just don’t eat tons of them by themselves.   

So there you have it!  Kick that sugar monster for good!!!  I’ll be waiting for you on the light side 😉

All my love and support,


P.S        Darling you don’t need sugar, you’re sweet enough already!

Chelsea Newman CTNC has taught nutrition and transformation to some of the largest companies in the United States.  She founded the top nutrition coaching practice in Hawaii, her home, and later went on to study nutrition, healing and ancient wisdom around the world.  Her work is frequently featured by some of the industries top leaders and her coaching programs have gained international attention for their unique and holistic approach.  Chelsea Newman has helped hundreds of people transform their health and create thriving and awakened lives.  She calls her approach “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.”