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How to Harness the power of the December 21st Winter Solstice

By Chelsea Newman | December 18, 2017

“The winter solstice is a time when we turn inward, where we fall quiet, and we have a moment to contemplate.  It is the slack in the tide of our lives; it is the pause after an inhale, it is the space between.  This time offers a place where we have more space to become […]

My Top 3 Toxin Free Skin Care Brands to Buy This Black Friday

By Chelsea Newman | November 24, 2017

Yes, it is true, there are some fantastic sales on Black Friday.  And while I hate to give in to mass consumerism, there are some really good deals going on… So why not take advantage, but in a conscious way. Look, while I say that great skin should (and does) come from the inside out, every […]

Which brands trump all others this Black Friday?

By Chelsea Newman | November 23, 2017

Which brands trump all others this Black Friday? I’m always aware of being a mindless consumer on days like Black Friday. Just the word ‘sale’ makes you want to buy everything!! The thing is, as eco-thoughtful people, we can still use these amazing opportunities to save on some incredible skincare products and brands that really […]